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Hi! I’m iampandicorn. On PW, I can usually be found in pack runs, with friends, using the Pet Station, in the Phantom Dimension, or just randomly in my den! I enjoy reading, solving puzzles, and creating art in my free time :) I also play 3+ instruments, the longest of which I’ve played one is 9 years. I speak 2 languages fluently, am learning a third, and am improving the written aspects of my second.

My user is the same on both AJs and Fandom :D

I was a regular dropper (primarily during non-school months), usually dropping 100-400 potions with my sister Mini every month. I was formerly an active runner as well, though my interest and activity have been declining since July 2020. I’m sure few or none of my current/former pack members will read this, but Tumultuous/Blitz was definitely my pack home-they’re also the only pack(s?) I’ve been a part of for more than a few hours XD. Through running and originally only joining a pack because my sister told me her buddy was short on pack members (though we did not run often until several months later... XD), I’ve had some great experiences, met some great people, and made some amazing friends. Even if you’ve quit, moved on to another pack, or are simply less active, thank you so very much for everything in Tumultuous Warriorz/Eternal Blitz.

Joined AJPW: late December 2019

Status: Member (since mid to late January 2020)

Joined Fandom and this wiki: September 15, 2020

WIP :)

My favorite pages

Other favorites

  • Color: Green
  • Pack Run: Forest (prefer firefly), harvest (prefer pumpkin), and winter (Jamaaliday + snowmen, prefer snowmen because they were my first :)) runs
  • Minigame:
    • Multiplayer: Checkers and Super Cube
    • Single-player: A Puppy’s Tale and Pest Control


  • Make more friends :)
  • Obtain 10 prize pals with an adoption date of September 5th or 15th (7/10)
  • Obtain 5 Midnight Kitties with the default name (5/5)
  • Obtain 10 Midnight Kitties with the default name (5/10)
  • Obtain 5 glass shelves (5/5)
  • Obtain 10 glass shelves (5/10)