Not to be confused with Hanging Snowy Lantern or the Rare Wall Lantern.

The Wall Lantern is a den item. It was originally released in the Beta Testing at Jam Mart Furniture for 175 Gems.


This is a lantern hung by a hook and large ring from a wooden wall mount. The lantern itself is made from a colorful metal frame in long, truncated pyramid shape, with large glass panels. The light source inside the lantern is a single, white candle. The default color set of this item is brown wood and a magenta metal frame on the lantern. This item comes in a wide variety of color varieties.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
December 2014 Jam Mart Furniture 175 Gems May 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
August 2015 Jam Mart Furniture 600 Gems December 2015


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