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The Wallpaper is a den item. It was released during the Beta Testing at Jam-Mart Wallpaper shop located at Jam Mart Furniture.


Material colored or printed with designs and pasted to a wall as a decorative covering.


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
December 2014 Jam-Mart Wallpaper 400-600 Gems May 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
June 2015 Jam-Mart Wallpaper From 1,000 Gems to 1,500 Gems n/a
November 2016 Jam Mart Furniture From 1,000 Gems to 1,500 Gems n/a


  • All wallpaper was called Wallpaper from Beta Testing until December 2015.

List of Wallpapers

Play Wild Beta Play Wild before

December 2015

Play Wild
Wallb 1.png
Wall 1.png

White Wallpaper is out of store since June 2016

Wallb 16.png
Wall 16.png

Black Wallpaper

Wallb 6.png
Wall 6.png

Tan Wallpaper

Wallb 8.png
Wall 8.png

Red Wallpaper

Wallb 18.png
Wall 18.png

Pink Wallpaper

Wallb 20.png
Wall 20.png

Blue Wallpaper

Wallb 4.png
Wall 4.png

Purple Paisley Wallpaper

Wallb 7.png
Wall 7.png

Starry Wallpaper

Wallb 3.png
Wall 3.png

Slate Wallpaper

Wallb 5.png
Wall 5.png

Yellow Checker Wallpaper

Wallb 14.png
Wall 14.png

Orange Polka Dot Wallpaper

Wallb 10.png
Wall 10.png

Pink Polka Dot Wallpaper

Wallb 2.png
Wall 2.png

Strawberry Gingham Wallpaper

Wallb 9.png
Wall 9.png

Pink Fancy Striped Wallpaper

Wallb 13.png
Wall 13.png

Pink and Orange Forest Wallpaper

Wallb 11.png
Wall 11.png

Pink Wavy Wallpaper

Wallb 12.png
Wall 12.png

Pink Rainbow Wallpaper

Wallb 17.png
Wall 17.png

Pink Gingham Wallpaper

Wallb 19.png
Wall 19.png

Green Gingham Wallpaper

Wallb 15.png
Wall 15.png

Daisy Wallpaper