The Walls 'N Floors is a room located in Sarepia Forest.


  • Inside View of Walls 'N Floors
  • Inside View of Walls 'N Floors


The outside of Walls 'N Floors appears to be a hut resting on the wooden platform at the second level of Sarepia Forest. It has a red carpet leading up to the wooden door. There is a sign above the door with the labels for wallpaper and flooring.


The inside of Walls 'N Floors has an upper and lower area. The upper section has a "sale" sign in the center, and a small window off to the left side. The ground is composed of various different floorings, and is relatively circular until it breaks off at the drop to the lower section. Stairs lead down to the lower portion of the room, which has a wallpaper shop on the left side and a flooring shop on the right side. Rolled up wallpaper and flooring lean up against the wall on the left side of the room, and more are stored in other ways throughout the room. There is also a counter blocking off a small area from players, that has a cash register on it with a few gems and what appears to be diamonds scattered around.





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