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The Wild Explorers Tent is a room located in Coral Canyons.


  • Wild Explorer Tent since summer 2017
  • Without Cami's Frog, September 2016
  • With Cami's Frog, August 2016


The entrance to this location appears to be a giant tent placed directly on the orange rock of the canyon. On the outside, a section of rainbow material is patched over the top of the tent. A sign over the tent door reads "Wild Explorers," and is decorated with an image of binoculars and mountains. From the outside, the inside of the room can be slightly viewed through the open door.m


Inside, the tent is furnished with a flower-patterned rug in the center, two tables in the front, another table off to the left side, and two shelves on either side of a desk along the far wall. One set of shelves is filled with a variety of books along with some other decorations, while the other set of shelves is short with a fish tank stacked on top of it and an iguana habitat stacked above that. There is also a Phantom hanging in a cage in one corner of the tent; which periodically shakes the cage from side to side.


Wild Explorers Tent


  • Secret shop: the Cami's Frog plushie was sold for a few weeks during August 2016 by clicking several times on the Cami's Frog plushie on the top of the aquarium
  • Videos - the current videos are listed in the “Videos” section.


  • Cami appears in all the Wild Explorers Tent's videos.
  • Before the summer of 2017, the videos were on the left near the board.



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