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The Wolf is an animal available for all Jammers. It can be chosen as the player's starter animal when they register an account or when they buy it in-game for 3,000 Gems.

In Beta Testing, Jammers could have only one animal.

In Beta Testing on March 2015 update, multiple animals were introduced and extra animals cost 30 Sapphires.

Default Appearance

The Wolf has a long skinny body, a long snout ending in a large, bluish black nose, a bushy tail, and one nicked ear. Its default colors are gray for the fur coat, a beige-white for the muzzle, paws, and tail tip, and golden amber for the eyes.

Dedicated Areas


Play Wild Beta

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
December 2014 Default Animal If Chosen Unknown March 2015
March 2015 Default Animal If Chosen 30 Sapphires For Extra Animal May 2015

Play Wild

Date Released Place Price Date Removed
June 2015 Default Animal If Chosen 3,000 Gems N/A



  • One of the founders of Jamaa, Greely, is a Wolf.
  • Wolves were one of the first three original animals that were released during Beta Testing .