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The Wolf Cave is a secret area that can only be entered by WolvesArctic Wolves, Direwolves, and Maned Wolvesthrough the Wolf Passage in the Coral Canyons. Jammers can also enter the Wolf Cave by tapping the wolf icon on the Coral Canyons map.


This is a medium sized cave illuminated by torches, blue crystal patches, and a flowing river of lava. At the back of the cave, is a raised area that holds the the Wolves Cave Shop stand.




  • When a wolf performs the play action, the entire cave will shake and rocks will fall from the ceiling
  • If at least 3 wolves play, a wolf made of fire will appear in the center of the cave

 Wolf Cave Shop

Item Price
Falling Phantoms Arcade 10 Sapphires
Floating Full Moon 1,000 Gems
Stone Wolf Statue 500 Gems
Wolf Banner 600 Gems
Wolf Flag 5 Sapphires
Wolf Painting 900 Gems


  • Maned Wolves can enter the Wolf Cave despite not being wolves.
  • Direwolves were allowed to enter the Wolf Cave, this was later changed.