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The Wolves Only Party is a party for WolvesArctic Wolves, Direwolves, and Maned Wolves. The party was first introduced in October 2015.


The Wolves Only Party is set in a wolf-themed volcano. There is a drum set on a moon-shaped rug near where the player spawns in the party. There is also a table with a menorah and a lava pool, but jammers cannot go in it.



In the main area, on the left side, there are two shops that provide wolf-themed den items and clothes. On the right side, there is a Claw where Jammers can win Plushies.

Wolves Only Shop

Item Price
Shoulder Armor 1,250 Gems
Full Moon Necklace 750 Gems
Tail Armor 1,200 Gems
Crescent Moon Couch 1,250 Gems
Wolf Lamp 700 Gems
Full Moon Rug 750 Gems